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What is BYHP?

Our Mission is to improve the wellbeing and opportunities of every young person we work with, through our specialist interventions and personalised support, to prevent youth homelessness.

It is our Vision that every young person has access to support for independent growth in addressing the barriers that prevent them from thriving and leading fulfilling lives.

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Our Values:


We are open-minded, approachable and interested in the views and experiences of others, we treat everyone with respect, communicating openly to build strong, trusting relationships.


We display kindness and concern for others, we care and do our best to encourage and assist all those we come into contact with.


We encapsulate a number of qualities, which supports our strong work ethic, and our resourceful and positive disposition enables us to manage complex issues and respond to adversity.


We are whole heartedly committed to doing the very best for our cause, our team and the young people we support.


We use our expertise, skills and experience to develop and deliver our services to meet the specific needs of the young people we support.

Mental Health

Poor mental health can have a huge impact on young people which can be directly linked to homelessness. Young people suffering from a breadth of mental health issues, without support, can have a significant impact on their relationships and their education or employment (2 major root causes of youth homelessness).

Young people can experience a wide range of complex problems like anxiety, panic attacks, depression, suicidal thoughts, emotion dysregulation, and self-harm. BYHP offers a range of mental health services offering one to one focused interventions, using evidence-based therapies, emotional literacy, and self-management tools.

BYHP has a well-established counselling service offering long-term talking therapies helping clients tackle a recent bereavement, anxiety, and low self-esteem to more deep-rooted issues and traumas that affect an individual’s sense of self and their relationships with others. The team are members of a regulatory body such as BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) and adheres to their code of ethics.

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Not being in Education, Employment or Training can make it far more difficult for young people to gain access to support when having issues at home or suffering from poor mental health conditions. Missing out on education can also make it more difficult for them to move into employment or further education.

BYHP offers a range of NEET projects that provides 1-2-1 mentoring and coaching for young people to help them develop self-confidence and improve their self-esteem. BYHP will support clients to stay in education, access alternative provisions or give them the confidence to be work-ready and move into employment.
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Family Breakdown

Relationship breakdown is a fundamental cause of youth homelessness, arguments often stem between young people and their parents (or stepparents) which can result in them being asked to leave. BYHP provides a Family Mediation service to try to repair the relationship before it comes to the young person being asked to leave the family home.

Our mediation service is a confidential process where young people and their families are encouraged to explore and understand any differences they may have. By discussing tensions in their relationship, families can find ways to manage their dispute and agree on ways to move forward. The role of an impartial mediator is to assist the parties to help them come to a collaborative agreement.

The mediation services are BYHP follow the seven-stage model and can be offered alongside more in-depth individual support services

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Homelessness Support & Foodbank

Although we don’t offer accommodation, we can help by signposting young people to the right organisation to get them on the housing pathway. We can help clients fill out forms and make use of our phones. Before emergency accommodation is provided by the council, young people must be verified as street sleeping.

At risk of Homelessness?
If you find yourself in a situation where you are homeless and must sleep outside, we can provide you with a tent, a sleeping bag and access to food whilst you wait to be verified.
Please call 01295 259 442 or email us on

BYHP provides a Foodbank to all its service users and their families whenever they are in need.

Foodbanks are provided by appointment only so please call to arrange collection on 01295 259 442 or email us via

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