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Family Services

BYHP’s support services offers a quick, free, and confidential way to settle your disputes. Our services are not an alternative to legal support, nor do we offer legal advice, but it might spare you from the hassles and expenses of going to court or taking formal actions.
With the help of a skilled mediator, you, and the people you are in conflict with can start talking once more. Together, you can clear up misunderstandings, work out practical solutions to improve your situation, and move forward from any disagreements.

Our family support services are used to address:

• Clashes of lifestyles, values, or beliefs
• Unacceptable or unwanted behaviour
• Communication issues
• Issues arising from re-structured families

Benefits of Mediation:

• Family relationships are preserved, improved, and future-proofed
• While not a replacement for or alternative to legal action, costly and time-consuming formal action could be avoided
• Personal matters can be kept private and contained

We will carry out an initial consultation with you by phone or virtual meeting, to help us understand the best way we can support you and assign you to the most appropriate service.
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Family Mediation

Our family mediation service is here to support families who want to strengthen their bonds and overcome challenges. It can help with addressing communication breakdowns among family members, resolving personality clashes, and working through conflicts that may have arisen from critical incidents.
If your family is experiencing difficulties, misunderstandings, or conflicts that seem hard to resolve, you don't have to go through it alone. We're here to help facilitate those necessary discussions and improve your relationships with family members by creating a safe space for open dialogue.

For matters related to couples separating or divorcing, we recommend seeking out specialized providers in that area. Our mediation service focuses exclusively on intra-family disputes, such as intergenerational issues, sibling disagreements, and situations where families are committed to staying together.

Session length: 4-5 hrs
No of sessions: 1 (plus a follow up call)
Location: BYHP

Conflict Resolution

Mediation is fantastic for addressing conflicts early on. Our mediation service is ideal for facilitating conversations and helping people come to resolutions. It can also provide a chance to mend your relationship and move forward positively.

Our supportive mediation service is here to help you mend fences and restore good relationships. We can tackle various issues through mediation, such as disputes over living arrangements, concerns about behaviour, disagreements over living spaces and communal areas, and any general conflicts between parties that could potentially result in homelessness.

Session length: 4-5 hrs
No of sessions: 1 (plus a follow up call)
Location: BYHP

Family Therapy

Restorative family therapy steps in when a family is going through a tough time, needing therapeutic support to get back to a healthier state. It's like a helping hand during family crises, such as the loss of a loved one, a family member facing imprisonment, or someone experiencing redundancy.

Think of this therapy as a short-term boost, much like crisis therapy for individuals. It involves using various techniques—behavioural, cognitive, and counselling—to help a family regain its balance when faced with overwhelming events that it might be struggling to cope with emotionally.

Restorative family therapy comes with several benefits:
Holistic Approach: which addresses the entire family system rather than focusing solely on individual members, promoting overall family well-being.

Crisis Resolution: Restorative family therapy is particularly useful during times of crisis, helping families navigate and overcome challenges like bereavement, imprisonment, or job loss.

Short-Term Focus: It is a short-term intervention, providing practical and timely support to families in distress without requiring a prolonged commitment.

Prevention of Escalation: By intervening early, restorative family therapy aims to prevent issues from escalating and becoming more complex over time.

Emphasis on Strengths: The therapy often focuses on identifying and leveraging the strengths within the family, promoting resilience and positive coping mechanisms.
Customised Approach: the intervention is tailored to the unique dynamics and needs of each family, ensuring a personalised and effective treatment plan.

Long-Term Impact: While it is a short-term intervention, the skills and insights gained from restorative family therapy can have lasting positive effects on family dynamics.

Session length: 1hr
No of sessions: 1-6
Location: BYHP

During the consultation, if it is deemed that family support services are not suitable, then individuals may be referred to our counselling service. Families must first be referred to family support services and engage in the initial assessment.
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