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Housing Advice and Support

 Although we don’t offer accommodation, we can help by signposting young people to the right organisation to get them on the housing pathway. We can help clients fill out forms and make use of our phones. Before emergency accommodation is provided by the council, young people must be verified as street sleeping.
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At risk of Homelessness?

If you find yourself in a situation where you are homeless and have to sleep outside; we can provide you with a tent, a sleeping bag and access to food whilst you wait to be verified.

​Please call us on 01295 259442 for support

Additional Support and Helpful Links:

Cherwell District Council

If you have nowhere to sleep tonight or are concerned about someone who is homeless or sleeping rough, contact: 

Housing Options Team: 
To register for housing in Cherwell :

Citizens Advice

Call the helpline if you:

-  Are homeless
- Have nowhere to stay tonight
- Are worried about losing your home in the next two months
​- Are at risk of harm or abuse
0808 800 4444
The Queens Award for Voluntary Service


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