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Mental Health 

CAMHS 13-18

BYHP has two CAMHS Community In-Reach Support workers that help children and young people who it is deemed would benefit from some light-touch Mental Health intervention.

This innovative partnership has proven massively successful so far and has helped to increase the reach to patients who are sometimes more difficult to get to; is helping to de-stigmatise mental health conditions, promotes early intervention and prevention and is improving joined up working and a whole system approach to the care of our Children and Young People. Not least helping to deal with the increase in referrals to Mental Health Services.

Other partner organisations include:
Ark T
Oxfordshire Youth
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Counselling 13-25

If you, or a young person have concerns about life, such as anxiety, depression, relationship, self-harm, abuse, trauma, you can contact us through a confidential and private referral.

Counselling is a talking therapy providing a safe space to explore more immediate issue and/or crisis such as self-esteem and bereavement and is often shorter in duration. Psychotherapy is often a longer intervention and works tackling the root causes of distress and functioning

We will offer assessment by a Therapist who is associated with a regulatory body such as The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) with a minimum of fit to practice trainee status.

Mental Wealth Academy 16 - 25 

The role of the Transition Wellbeing Practitioners is to support any 16-25 year olds that are identified as struggling with their mental health or wellbeing.

The support will be tailored to an individual with the aim of improving their wellbeing and providing coping strategies. The support can also help young people identify their future goals and how to start working towards these. The sessions are offered on a weekly basis and we can meet with a young person at a local place of their choice, at BYHP or within the home. We can work with clients for around 12 sessions with potential to extend this if necessary and can sign post to other services at the end of our work together.
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